Rental NCM E-Bike on the beach

From everyday commuter bikes to your classic roadies, Clycycles provides some of the cheapest bicycle rentals in Auckland. With prices starting at just $30, we have reliable rental bikes that will get you from A to B and beyond.

  • Please bring along either a Driver Licence or Passport  
  • Please provide us 24 hours notice for all rentals
  • All rental bikes are given a full mechanical check prior to leaving the workshop.
  • Bike racks for cars can be available for hire if arranged prior.
  • Daily Rentals available for hire between 10am - 6pm. Note: surcharges apply for every additional hour for daily rentals.


Rental Period Bicycles  E-Bikes*
Overnight $40 (24 hours) $90 (24 hours)
Day rental $30 (8 hours) $80 (8 hours)
2–3 days $25 / day $75 / day
4–6 days $25 / day $70 / day
7–13 days $20 / day $55 / day
14–30 days $15 / day $35 / day
1–2 months $10 / day $30 / day


*10% surcharge for 'Plus' e-bike models

    Overnight / Multi-day rentals

    • Bike, lock and a helmet in your size included
    • Toolkit and pump available at $5 per day or $15 per week
    • Rent-to-Buy offer below

    Group hire prices also available. Please inquire here!

    Any rentals required for a longer term, it is recommended you purchase a used bike and return for a guaranteed buyback of 50% upon return, up to a maximum of 6 months from the day of purchase

    Example: You purchase a standard used bike for $400. If the trip planned is for much longer than a month, return anytime within 6 months, no matter the condition, we guarantee to give back $200 as our 50% guaranteed buyback. Buyer also has the option of selling elsewhere if they can obtain a better price.

    E-bike Rent-to-buy offer

    If you enjoyed the E-bike and wish to purchase it after the rental period, we can credit the rental cost towards the total cost of the bike purchase.