About us


I’m Clyde Albuquerque, a Shimano certified bicycle mechanic with over 10 years' worth of experience in the industry as a mechanic and supervisor in workshops within New Zealand and Australia.

I firmly believe in the vast benefits riding a bicycle can bring to us all. I have a vision of bicycle touring NZ to England in the distant future (In a post covid-controlled world), and any information or expressions of interests to join in on the experience is warmly welcomed.

I currently keep busy with several contract roles in different fields of work, including contracting to 3 other bicycle outlets in Auckland as a mechanic / bicycle builder. I also supervise and am responsible for final mechanical checks on bikes at team-building events before they are donated to kids from various charitable entities.

I’ve made several contacts over the years which have allowed me to make Clycycles a reality. Several friends contributed, one suggested the name, another helped with the marketing, and numerous others have helped with valuable suggestions that were implemented to make it a success. We have thus enabled Clycycles, a small business with low overhead costs to provide excellent service for a very competitive price.